Tajikistan invites Russia to adapt Russian language textbooks

This topic was raised during a roundtable meeting on bilateral cooperation in the education sector.

On November 10, representatives of the Ministries of Education of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation took part in the roundtable meeting on “Current state and prospects of humanitarian cooperation between Tajikistan and Russia: education, science, culture”. The discussions focused on the adaptation of Russian language textbooks, the press office of the Federation Council reported.

First Deputy Minister of Education of Tajikistan Muhammaddovud Salomiyon invited his colleagues from Russia to develop a special series of educational and methodological materials on the Russian language for the general and higher education systems of the Central Asian republic.

The official also suggested that Dushanbe should receive access to school e-libraries of the Russian Federation to obtain digital textbooks, which would be modified and published in Tajikistan.

There are currently 38 Russian-language educational institutions and 173 schools with Russian-language classes in the Republic, First Deputy Minister said.

He put forward an initiative to develop joint educational programmes for the pedagogy universities in Tajikistan and Russia, namely a dual degree programme in the relevant area.

12 ноя 2021, 08:49

Photo source: sputnik-tj.com

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