World Bank outlines risks for Tajik economy

WB analysts noted that the economic situation might worsen due to the coronavirus pandemic, Afghanistan and climate change.

The World Bank has assessed possible scenarios for the deteriorating economic situation in the Republic of Tajikistan. According to international experts, the national economy can demonstrate negative developments against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, the worsening security situation in Afghanistan and climate change, the WB press office reports.

These risks were described in the new report on the public economic sector at the end of the summer. The document particularly describes the risk associated with a possible coronavirus outbreak and a delay in vaccination of citizens, which could lead to quarantine.

Particular attention is paid to the sharp deterioration of the situation in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that is under the rule of the Taliban (a terrorist organisation banned in Russia). Analysts also focused on recurring conflicts on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border.

The World Bank report emphasised that natural disasters and temperature anomalies could have a negative effect on Tajik economy. The risks also include potential problems associated with migrant remittances and unprofitable performance of state-owned enterprises.

23 сен 2021, 12:57

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