Turkmenistan spent $46 mln for COVID-19 response in 2020

The UN and development partners have contributed 2.5 million dollars to activities under the National Preparedness and Response Plan.

The government of Turkmenistan has spent more than 46 million dollars for the COVID-19 response last year. The funds were implemented as part of the Government’s Preparedness and Response Plan for Acute Infectious Disease developed with the support of the United Nations.

It was reported by a CentralAsia.news reporter who has studied the UN publication «A Common Aspiration for the SDGs» dated September 17.

The publication says that 2.5 million dollars were allocated by the UN and the development partners of Turkmenistan. The achievements within the corresponding activities included strengthened capacity of health workers and laboratory specialists at all levels of health care; a strengthened mechanism for data management on acute respiratory illnesses included COVID-19.

As part of the plan, a mechanism for submitting clinical samples for influenza surveillance and suspected COVID-19 cases has been established; infection prevention and control are ensured. In addition, part of the money was used to inform the population about the government’s response measures.

Particular attention was paid to alleviating the socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 for the population. Among the main achievements was the vaccination against COVID-19.

It must be added that the Preparedness and Response Plan for Acute Infectious Disease in Turkmenistan was approved on May 22 last year. The updated version of the document was approved on April 16, 2021.

21 сен 2021, 08:42

Photo source: un.org

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