Turkmen authorities to regulate work of hosts and singers at weddings

The process will be initiated in order to preserve the uniqueness of the centuries-old national culture in «the prosperous epoch of the powerful state».

On August 20, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired a regular meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in Ashgabat. He was presented a draft resolution on state regulation of cultural services at the festive events. It was reported by the news agency «Turkmenistan today».

Deputy Prime Minister Mahrijemal Mammedova, who is in charge of the sphere of culture and media, reported on the development of the relevant document. The draft resolution was prepared as part of Berdimuhamedov’s instructions.

According to the regulatory legal act, the state will regulate the services of hosts, singers, musicians, dancers at weddings and other festive events. At the same time, the document implies that this process is mainly focused on preserving the uniqueness of the rich national culture and art in «the prosperous epoch of the powerful state».

The head of the state signed the above resolution. He noted that the country needs to improve the quality of the cultural services.

23 авг 2021, 08:06
Photo source: turkmenportal.com

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