Schoolchildren of Kazakhstan start school year in full-time format

Schoolchildren of Kazakhstan start school year in full-time format

In the coming school year, 7,475 schools will open doors to 3.4 million schoolchildren.

On August 11, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin held an online government meeting to discuss the preparations for the new school year, among other important issues, the press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported to

The high-ranking officials reported that 7,475 secondary schools would receive over 3.4 million children in the coming school year. The training process will take place in a traditional format. Only those teachers who have been vaccinated will be allowed to work with children.

The Prime Minister instructed that the high-ranking officials address all organisational issues and ensure that schoolchildren and their teachers comply with sanitation and hygiene regulations. The Prime Minister also instructed to fill in all existing gaps in the training programmes.

Askar Mamin set the deadline for vaccination of teaching staffs and other employees of educational institutions, provision with school textbooks and completion of refurbishing works on August 25. It was noted that the Ashug e-platform would be launched at all educational institutions.

12 авг 2021, 10:46
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