Dushanbe City Hall supports war veterans on Victory Day

Participants in the Great Patriotic War will receive US$ 133 in one-time cash assistance.

Mayor of the capital of Tajikistan Rustam Emomali instructed that war veterans, who live in Dushanbe, receive one-time cash assistance in honour of the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 316,200 somoni (about US$ 27,933) will be allocated for these purposes, the press office of the Mayor’s Office reported on May 4.

Cash assistance will be provided to the participants in World War II, first of all. Currently, 16 war veterans reside in Dushanbe. Each them will receive 1,500 somoni (approximately US$ 133) from the Dushanbe City Hall.

Cash assistance will also be provided to disabled veterans of the Afghanistan war, disabled liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and citizens who have the USSR orders and medals for their work on the home front during the Great Patriotic War. They will receive 800 somoni (about US$ 71).

About 300,000 citizens of Tajikistan fought on the fronts of World War II. About 210,000 people returned to the homeland. Currently, 108 war veterans live in the Republic.

06 май 2021, 09:12

Rustam Emomali

Photo source: asiaplustj.info

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