Uzbekistan and EBRD sign Memorandum on Carbon Neutrality

The Bank has invested over EUR 2 billion in 92 projects, including 7 energy projects.

On April 28, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on long-term cooperation in achieving carbon neutrality in the energy sector by 2050. Over the period of cooperation with Uzbekistan, the Bank has invested over EUR 2 billion in 92 projects, including 7 energy projects worth EUR 1 billion in total, the press office of the Ministry reported to

In accordance with the document, the EBRD will provide technical support and assistance in financing the development and implementation of large-scale renewable-energy power plant projects, implementing grid enhancement solutions, decommissioning old and low-performance CHP plants and strengthening and re-profiling the gas generation fleet.

The development of the low-carbon roadmap “reflects the EBRD’s strategic priorities in Uzbekistan and was supported by the Japan’s leadership”, EBRD’s First Vice President said. 

At the EBRD’s request, Japan provided funding for the development of the roadmap for the transition of Uzbekistan’s energy sector to a low-carbon future. It was noted that Uzbekistan decided to focus on a larger use of low-carbon energy, including peaceful nuclear energy, solar, hydro and wind energy.

As was reported, the Ministry of Energy and the Netherlands signed an investment agreement for the construction of a new thermal power plant in Uzbekistan.

29 апр 2021, 10:36
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