Kyrgyzstan Government not to reintroduce lockdown restrictions

Novikov said the national economy would not be able to survive the new lockdown restrictions.

On April 1, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Artyom Novikov said the Government did not intend to introduce the restrictions like last year, in particular an economic shutdown and lockdown, at the meeting of the Republican Task Force, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reports. 

Novikov believes that the national economy will not be able to survive the new lockdown restrictions. The First Deputy Prime Minister said the epidemic situation in the country was under control, while an increase of COVID-19 cases was being observed in other countries.

The relevant institutions were instructed to set out a monthly plan and ensure timely and sufficient deliveries of medicines, PPEs and antiseptics by the pharmaceutical companies and their distributors to the country.

The emphasis was placed on the importance of regulating the prices for computed tomography and X-ray services, including at private health institutions, if new coronavirus cases leaped.

03 апр 2021, 08:17
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