Turkmenistan to increase production and export of gas

In January-February, more than 14.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.46 million tons of oil were produced in Turkmenistan.

According to the instructions of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, employees of the state fuel and energy complex work hard to increase the volume of extracted natural resources. Thus, in two months the country produced more than 14.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 1.46 tons of oil. It was reported by the online newspaper Ussatnews.

In January-February, Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries produced about 310 thousand tons of gasoline, over 273 thousand tons of diesel fuel, more than 13 thousand tons of polypropylene, 10.6 thousand tons of lubricating oils.

Besides, the volume of liquefied gas production amounted to over 28 thousand tons.

In the gas and oil fields, active work to develop these lands, to extract «black gold» and «blue fuel» and to process them thanks to modern, advanced technologies that are successfully introduced into the state concerns is underway.

It must be added that Doctor of Political Sciences Andrei Kazantsev in one of his interviews, as part of a new project on the impact of Turkish and Iranian policies on the transformation of the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, spoke about the competitiveness of Turkmen gas in the Eurasian market.

— Turkmenistan is not a closed country in terms of foreign policy. It is quite easy to find information in this direction. In addition, as a neutral country that is open for cooperation with all, Turkmenistan, which has officially announced that it will not join any military blocs, is strategically completely satisfy Iran, — said the professor.

Also, the political scientist noted that there are certain nuances between Iran and Turkmenistan related to the supply of natural gas. In this regard, they are competitors, because both have huge gas reserves. The Iranian government, like the Turkmen government, would like to find its way to Europe, which would have to be done through Turkey. But Iran cannot realize it because of American sanctions, the position of the Turkish military, and several other reasons.

— The Turkmen state has huge gas resources, and therefore it has officially announced that it is ready to sell gas to anyone within the framework of positive neutrality. Accordingly, Turkmenistan has its interest in where to export the gas — either directly to the west, or through Western mediation — to India, which corresponds to the TAPI project. As for the western project, it is a dream of the Turkmen state, because it will simply get a lot of money since gas prices in Europe are high, and in this case, the pipeline will pass through the Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Turkey route, — underlined Kazantsev.

It was also noted that Turkmen gas is very cheap in terms of cost and high quality since it contains little sulfur. The expert noted that the problem is that the volume of Turkmen gas has not been officially confirmed, but according to unofficial estimates, it occupies almost third place in the world, and that means that the relevant raw materials can fully provide Europe with the gas needed.

01 апр 2021, 13:26
Photo source: tdh.gov.tm

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