Elbasy and Prime Minister discuss immediate plans of Nur Otan Party and national economy

The Chairman of Nur Otan Party was informed of the plans to develop a roadmap for the implementation of the Party’s electoral programme.

On March 9, the first President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of Nur Otan Party, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev received a member of the Bureau of the Political Council, Prime Minister Askar Mamin. They discussed the political and economic vectors of development of the Republic, the press office of the first President of Kazakhstan reported.

The Nur Otan Party leader was informed of the immediate plans to develop a roadmap for the implementation of the Party’s electoral programme “The way of change: a decent life for everyone”.

The parties discussed separately the approaches to sustaining the momentum of the national economy strategy that was facing various challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister noted that the Government was tasked to ensure that economic growth would remain robust and expand 3%. The engines of Kazakhstan’s economy are the manufacturing, construction, agro-industrial and service sectors. Further measures to stimulate entrepreneurs and encourage business initiatives have been launched. Additional funding had been provided, the burden on businesses had been reduced and routes to markets had been expanded, Askar Mamin said.

The ways to boost the development of the promising areas for investment were discussed during the meeting.

11 мар 2021, 08:07
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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