Citizens of Kazakhstan to participate in public decision-making

The draft law has been laid before Parliament of the Republic.

Citizens of Kazakhstan are to be involved in the decision making process. The Government has submitted the draft law On Public Oversight, regulating these measures, to Parliament and posted it on the public resource “Open Regulatory and Legal Acts”. The draft law will be subject to public consultation, which will take place from 9 to 19 March.

The law was drafted with the view to fulfilling the tasks set by President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan in a new reality: time for action”.

The purpose of the law is to empower citizens to participate in public decision-making. The explanatory note says the adoption of the law shall neither have negative social, economic and legal implications nor require additional budget allocations.

After the law comes into force, citizens of the country will be eligible to participate in public decision-making in aspects relevant to their everyday life and legitimate interests. The law is to open up government and other bodies to public scrutiny and enhance their credibility and prestige in the eyes of the people. The law is expected to come into force next year.

10 мар 2021, 07:46
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