Turkmenistan expands care for maternal and child health

The topic was touched upon at a scientific and practical conference dedicated to International Women’s Day.

A scientific and practical conference «Achievements in the field of the early development of children and early intervention» was held at the Educational and Scientific Center for Maternal and Child Health Protection under the Turkmen State Medical University named after Myrat Garryev. It was reported by the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper on March 9.

As part of the event dedicated to International Women’s Day, issues of maternal and child health in the country were discussed. It was noted that the relevant activity is a priority vector of state policy. In order to expand the potential of this work, the country actively cooperates with international organizations.

The conference participants emphasized that in 2016, Turkmenistan adopted a law «On the protection and propaganda of breastfeeding.» In addition, the country implements a national program for healthy nutrition of the population, one of the main tasks of which is to improve the quality of food for children and their mothers.

The state also provides the relevant citizens with a package of guaranteed medical care, early detection, and early intervention services.

In Turkmenistan, work on the identification of disorders in the growth and development of children is expanded on a regular basis. The early childhood development specialists of the pilot regions were trained to counsel parents on respective issues.

The country is at the forefront of early child development and it uses a multi-sectoral approach to formation of an early intervention system.

The introduction of highly effective and cost-effective life support technologies for mothers, newborns, and children’s health care has improved the survival rate of children under 5 years old and reduced the prevalence of stunting, and increased the rate of breastfeeding.

Large-scale work in the field of preventing anemia and primary resuscitation of newborns is carried out as well.

During the conference, special attention was paid to children born with low and extremely low body weight, as well as babies with developmental delays. In order to prevent these situations, qualified Turkmen specialists carry out work on the early and comprehensive correction of deficiencies in the development of the child. In this direction, the emphasis is made on an individual approach.

The speakers of the event also discussed the issue of treatment of common diseases among children born prematurely.

10 мар 2021, 07:38
Photo source: CentralAsia.news

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