Primary schools and kindergartens to open in Bishkek on March 9

At the educational institutions health workers will monitor the epidemiological situation.

Vice-Mayor of Bishkek Aijan Chynybayeva chaired a meeting of the city emergency anti-epidemic and anti-epizootic commission on March 3. The participants of the event discussed the issues of the gradual restoration of schools and kindergartens. Thus, from March 9, by the decision of the capital’s municipality, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade students, as well as kindergarten pupils, will start studying offline, as reported by the press service of the Bishkek Mayor’s Office.

It must be added that the education department of the mayor’s office has been instructed to conduct classes in classrooms without dividing students into groups, with lessons lasting 40-45 minutes.

In addition, it was decided to resume classes in kindergartens. However, at the moment it applies only to preparatory and senior groups. Besides, children who are brought up by one of the parents can attend kindergarten. Groups should have no more than 10 pupils.

The Bishkek health department will monitor the epidemiological situation and analyze ARVI and COVID-19 cases among the students and kindergarten pupils.

04 мар 2021, 09:13
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