Turkmenistan celebrates Chary Nurymov’s birth anniversary

Concerts and radio and television programmes will commemorate the outstanding Turkmen composer.

In 2021, the musical community of Turkmenistan is celebrating Chary Nurymov’s 80th birth anniversary. Musicians from different countries performed in an online concert at the Mukam Palace in Ashgabat in late 2020. This year, radio and television programmes and concerts will commemorate the maestro. A lecturer at D. Ovezov Turkmen State Music School, music columnist Elmira Oveniyazova told the readers of CentralAsia.news about the composer’s talent and creativity power.

Chary Nurymov is one of the outstanding representatives of Turkmen musical art, Honoured Art Worker of the Turkmen SSR. The composer showcased his bright and distinguished talent for the first time in the 1960s, when the founders of the Turkmen school of composition gave place to the young talented musicians Nury Halmamedov, Rejep Allayarov, Aman Agajikov and Bayram Hudaynazarov.

Chary Nurymov’s creative legacy is diverse: he created symphonies, ballet music and chamber compositions. The central theme is always the Motherland, its history and present day.

His compositions for chamber orchestra Gazelle, Tekin Frescoes and Enigma and two destan concerts gained wide popularity in our country and abroad. The tasks of modern art enthralled the composer with search of new musical means, and his interest in musical aesthetics and philosophy of different cultures was reflected, in particular, in String Quartet No. 2 In memory of Indira Gandhi. Chary Nurymov’s ballets Death of the Dry Wind, Immortality and Kugitan Tragedy, which are the first national ballets, represent an important piece of his work.

His concerts for piano and trumpet and orchestra arouse admiration for the fresh musical language and youthful energy. A poem for voice and orchestra, rare in the genre, is a tribute to the victims of fascism.

Chary Nurymov’s symphonies take a special place. His last Symphony No. 3 Maru-Shahu-Jahan is some a kind of ‘musical monument’ to the 2500th anniversary of ancient Merv.

Along with composing, Chary Nurymov actively participated in social and pedagogical activities - he served as chairman of the board of the Union of Composers of Turkmenistan, for many years he taught at the Institute of Arts in Ashgabat. In 1987 Chary Nurymov was awarded the State Prize of the USSR for the compositions "Destan Concert" No. 1 and the string quartet No. 2 "In Memory of Indira Gandhi". In Turkmenistan, the master was awarded the State Prize named after Makhtumkuli, received the title of Honored Art Worker and People's Artist of Turkmenistan.

The composer's works have become an integral part of educational performing programs of elementary, secondary specialized and higher musical educational institutions; his works are included in the repertoire of both domestic and foreign concert musicians.

The strength of the talent of the outstanding Turkmen composer Chary Nurymov lies not only in the continuation of national traditions in a refined compositional technique and original stylistic direction. Perhaps, the main thing for the artist was the deep knowledge of man, humanism, and as a result - the spiritual principle in music and his own understanding of the ethical mission of art.

21 фев 2021, 10:23
Photo source: turkmenistan.gov.tm

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