Kazakhstan reports on social and economic development of Nur-Sultan in 2020

The manufacturing output generated by the industrial sector of the capital city amounted to about 1.44 trillion tenge.

On February 22, the executive state body of Kazakhstan published the 2020 spherical socio-economic survey of the capital of the country, Nur-Sultan. The survey is placed on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kazakhstan.

The annual report states that despite the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions, the main city of the country demonstrated its progressive development throughout the year. The industrial enterprises produced a wide range of goods amounting to about 1.44 trillion tenge, which resulted in an increase of 2.4 compared to the same period in 2019.

In 2020, investments exceeding 1.115 trillion tenge were directed to the capital city. This figure is 21% higher than that for the same period last year.

In accordance with the instructions of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, large-scale work was done last year to reduce unprofitable expenses of the state and other sectors. Budget optimisation allowed saving 43 billion tenge for the local budget of Nur-Sultan akimat. The financial resources thus saved were used  to meet social needs, develop urban infrastructure  and support the economic, health care and education sectors.

For example, 10 billion tenge were used as additional amounts for social assistance benefits. This money will be spent on computers, routers and school uniforms for young citizens of Kazakhstan from low-income families.

23 фев 2021, 10:14
Photo source: avtoturistik.ru

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