Tokayev instructs high-ranking judicial officials to use IT services

The President highlighted the inappropriateness of the conservative methods of judicial practice in modern conditions.

On February 12, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev had a meeting with the representatives of the national judicial system. Speaking at the meeting, the President focused on speeding up the modernisation of judicial practice and judiciary, the press office of the President of Kazakhstan reports.

Tokayev dwelt on the use of modern IT services in judicial practice. Highlighting the inappropriateness of the conservative approaches to judicial proceedings in a rapidly developing world, the leader of Kazakhstan urged to implement the most relevant and recent advances in science and digital technology in judicial practice.

Speaking about the benefits of IT services, the leader of Kazakhstan emphasised that judges would be armed with an integrated information system. When a situation was twofold, a servant of Themis could use it to view the colleagues’ decisions on similar proceedings. The President recommended ensuring data confidentiality when granting access to information to all interested parties.

In this regard, the President instructed to elaborate more on the introduction of modern IT services with artificial intelligence solutions in judicial practice. The President said access to a massive list of judicial acts would let IT services predict the most likely outcome.

14 фев 2021, 17:55
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