Mirziyoyev orders to raise salary of internal affairs officers

The President critically analyzed the activities of the internal affairs bodies and gave an order to improve the efficiency of the work performed.

On February 12, at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev critically considered issues related to the fight against crime, ensuring the protection of the people and preventing offenses. At the same time, he ordered to raise salaries and support police officers, starting with civil servants in makhallas. It was reported by the press office of the president.

The head of the state drew attention to the fact that, despite the conditions created to combat crime in the country, the authorities failed to achieve the expected results. The people express their dissatisfaction with the activities of the stated bodies. It is evidenced by the inability to coherently organize measures to protect the population, observe and respect laws, and ensure the peace of mind of citizens, starting with the makhallas. During the meeting, he dismissed some of the officials.

It was also noted that by the end of 2020, not a single case of crime was registered in almost five thousand mahallas due to the painstaking work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And in some parts of the cities, crime rates have risen severalfold due to neglect of work. The leader of the country said that it is necessary to organize all the conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the prevention inspector to timely resolve any issues.

The issue of reducing paperwork and bureaucracy in all parts of state institutions for the protection of the people and digitalization of office work has been resolved. In this regard, the post of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for Information Technologies was introduced. It was occupied by Nazhmiddin Turakhodjayev.

— The internal affairs officers serve the people day and night. We noticed it during the pandemic, in the days of the incidents in Bukhara and Sardoba. They are constantly working close to danger. All this should be taken into account when determining the amount of wages. And therefore, in 2021, the salary of all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be increased by 30%, and for employees directly involved in ensuring public safety, that is, employees in the makhalla, by 60%, — noted Mirziyoyev.

Heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, territorial departments of law enforcement bodies, governors of the provinces, as well as the Chairman of the Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan reported on the issues discussed at the meeting.

14 фев 2021, 17:56
Photo source: president.uz

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