Mirziyoyev ordered to start mass vaccination

The President of Uzbekistan instructed the Ministry of Health to draw up an electronic list of citizens who need the vaccine.

On February 10, at the online-meeting the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev directed to accelerate the vaccination of the population. The Ministry of Health has been instructed to create more than 3000 departments at family polyclinics and rural medical centers, as well as 800 mobile teams. It was reported by the press office of the leader of the republic.

Mirziyoyev instructed the Minister of Health to start vaccination of the population as soon as possible. He stressed the need for the corresponding process, aimed at protecting the health of the Uzbek people. The project is one of the most important points of the state program «Year of Support for Youth and Health Promotion».

According to the deputy head of the sanitary and epidemiological service of Uzbekistan Botyr Kurbanov, vaccination will start in early March, and by the end of the year the project will cover 7 million people, that is, 20% of the total population.

Elderly people and medical personnel who are in direct contact with those infected will be vaccinated first of all. A special group, created to negotiate on the subject «where and how many doses of the vaccine will be imported,» is ready to start its work in the republic.

Earlier, the leadership of the country said that work on testing vaccines from the Russian Federation, China, and Turkey is underway.

12 фев 2021, 11:06
Photo source: president.uz

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