Kyrgyzstan starts to train health workers for new epidemic wave

The Ministry of Health will train medical personnel with the use of the experience of large foreign medical institutions.

On February 2, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan announced that it had started training medical workers for a possible new wave of coronavirus infection in the country. The training will take place in all regions of the state for a month, under the guidance of the chief freelance pulmonologist Talant Sooronbayev, as reported by the press office of the ministry.

The Ministry of Health noted that it was Sooronbayev and his team who trained doctors in the «red» zones to treat the COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The focus will be made on the recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of patients from the fourth version of the interim clinical management, as well as the practical skills of oxygen therapy, high-flow oxygen therapy, and non-invasive ventilation.

Algorithms and protocols for respiratory support and life-saving of critically ill patients will be developed based on the experience of large medical centers in Switzerland, Germany, and Great Britain.

Kyrgyz experts predict a new outbreak of COVID-19 in the country over the next two months.

02 фев 2021, 22:04
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