Tajikistan’s inflation rate hits its highest over the past 10 years

Last year, food prices rose by 13% and non-food prices – by 5.8%.

In 2020, the inflation rate in Tajikistan’s consumer sector was 9.4%. Food prices rose by 13% and non-food prices – by 5.8% in the country, the press office Statistical Agency under President of the Republic of Tajikistan reported on January 16.

The prices for the goods, such as detergents, building materials, pharmaceuticals, vehicle spare parts, fabrics and liquefied gas, increased by 5.8%. In addition, air passenger fares rose by 30% and consumer service fees – by 6.7%.

Among foodstuffs, sugar prices surged by the most on record. The price for this product increased by 40.7%. The National Bank of Tajikistan attributed the inflation to unfavourable weather conditions, which negatively affected yields in major producing countries, namely in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

As was reported, the World Bank forecast economic growth in Tajikistan in 2021. However, experts of this financial institution noted that the prospects were uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic.

18 янв 2021, 18:28
Photo source: reuters.com

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