Kyrgyz teachers to get salary supplement

According to the government entity, the monthly wage will depend on the qualification category of the teacher.

On January 11, the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan informed citizens that it would again assign qualification categories to teachers. Based on the qualification category, teachers will receive a monthly salary supplement. The amount of payment will depend on the category, as reported by the press office of the ministry

Thus, the department plans to conduct a voluntary certification of school teachers from May of this year to the beginning of the next academic year.

According to the decree of October 5, 2017, teachers of general education organizations will get 2000 soms (the highest category), 1500 soms (the first category), and 1000 soms (the second category) for 20 hours of class work per week.

It should be mentioned that from September to December 2021 the officials will allocate 100 million soms from the republican budget to realize relevant payments.

12 янв 2021, 17:55
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