US uses «Magnitsky list» to blackmail Kyrgyz elites

Expert Mederbek Korganbayev believes that Washington doesn't hide its demands on major politicians of the country.

The figure of the former deputy head of the State Customs Service, Rayimbek Matraimov, is rather controversial. The former president of the republic, Almazbek Atambayev, accused him of illegal activities, but the ex-leader himself ended up in jail. Comrade Matraimov deserves attention within a completely different matter.

In early December he was included in the «Magnitsky list» — a list of persons, mostly Russians, who are under Washington sanctions. Considering confrontation between Russia and the United States, everything seems clear here, the Americans make Russia an enemy of democracy and immediately come up with measures of influence. The inclusion of Matraimov in the list, who is not related to corruption in the Russian Federation and with the takedown around the case of the auditor Sergei Magnitsky, is an alarming signal for the political establishment of Kyrgyzstan.

Political expert Mederbek Korganbayev, in an interview to, said that the elite of the republic faced an instrument of blackmail from Washington.

We didn’t fully get into politics

The expert believes that the inclusion in the list is directly related to the fact that the White House is tired of acting softly towards Bishkek. The promotion of US interests in the republic is slow, with a creak.

— The Americans concluded that over the past 10 years, their efforts to strengthen their positions in Kyrgyzstan have not shown the desired results. The US do their work in Kyrgyzstan through their controlled NGOs and projects that create a certain public opinion, but do not affect the outcome of the presidential and parliamentary elections in the republic, — noted the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that the overseas power cannot even promote candidates for the highest authorities or political parties loyal to the States. The expert emphasized that the people of Kyrgyzstan have historically always been and remain closer to Russia, most national politicians are always guided by the Kremlin. They always try to maintain a dialogue with Moscow asking for some kind of consultation. Washington is not satisfied with such activity, the States have moved from impotence to radical measures, said the interviewee.

— The Americans, in my opinion, decided to change the situation in their favor in a rather radical way. Using their mouthpiece, Radio Azattyk (Freedom), they created a negative image of Raiymbek Matraimov. For two years, the US has actively supported the demonic portrait of a former customs official. And in December 2020, Washington, on the basis of the journalistic investigations of its own American radio Azattyk, included Matraimov in the Magnitsky list, — said the expert.

Everything is at gunpoint

The interviewee reminded that the former high rank in the Kyrgyz customs is not a significant figure even in Central Asia. It is possible that in the bowels of the State Department and the CIA, they considered Matraimov an acceptable candidate for the first strike.

— Today Washington intends to persuade the Kyrgyz political groups through political blackmail and pressure. As for intimidation, the Americans fired a «warning shot» in the form of imposing sanctions against Raiymbek Matraimov. This is, first of all, a demonstration of strength and possible negative consequences for all political leaders and clans of Kyrgyzstan in case of refusal to cooperate with Washington, — said the expert.

Mederbek Korganbayev admitted that the United States will now begin to actively withdraw representatives of political circles, members of influential clans who follow the pro-Russian course, and influence the election results from the game.

— The Americans openly say to all Kyrgyz politicians and influential regional groupings of the republic the following: «You are all under the gun of the State Department (as well as the CIA). We can include any of you and your relatives in the Magnitsky list, and seize your property and bank accounts outside Kyrgyzstan. 

Washington offers only one way to avoid sanctions. Local elites should become more loyal to the States, allow pro-American forces to get into power. Besides, Bishkek is expected to move away from its close ally — Russia, added the expert.

22 дек 2020, 19:58
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