Party of Kazakhstan «Nur Otan» intends to reboot

Its leader Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that people want to more actively participate in the public and political life of the country.

On August 28, the first president of Kazakhstan — Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev met with representatives of the political council of the leading party Nur Otan. The agenda of the meeting was focused on the implementation of the party reboot under the motto «Trust. Dialogue. Confidence in the future». They also discussed the upcoming party elections. It was reported to by the press office of Elbasy.

Elbasy marked the growing interest in the primaries from society. Nazarbayev explained that citizens want to more actively participate in the public life of the country.

The first president of Kazakhstan said that the party prepares a large-scale open dialogue to jointly solve the issues of everyday life. Now the party’s instructors form popular lists of candidates and the primaries designed to help in the relevant direction. The party will have to choose authoritative leaders with maximum public support, said Nazarbayev.

The party leader reminded that the participants of the primaries will have to openly point out the problems in the regions, reveal shortcomings, and put forward real proposals for their solutions. The ex-president noted that everyone who wants to help in the development of their settlement, district, region, or country will be able to get acquainted with the projects of local programs. They will be presented in September and will consist of 216 items. An extended discussion will help determine the demands and needs of the people.

29 авг 2020, 14:56
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