Russia agrees with Turkmen scientists on connection of viruses with dust

Moscow doctor Zamyatin noted that dust causes low ultraviolet radiation, which is necessary for the human immune system.

On August 28, head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology at the National Medical and Surgical Center named after Pirogov in Moscow, Mikhail Zamyatin within an interview to confirmed the version of Turkmen scientists regarding the connection of viruses with dust. He made a conclusion based on the study of the climate in Uzbekistan.

According to him, vitamin D helps the body to fight against various diseases, in particular COVID-19. He added that there are no problems with the vitamin in sunny countries. After a visit to Uzbekistan, the doctor drew attention to the fact that there is now a lot of dust in the Central Asian state.

Zamyatin explained that due to the dust layer people can't get enough ultraviolet radiation, which is necessary to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

Earlier, Turkmen scientists conducted their research and discovered that the air masses coming from drying Aral Sea cause dust-salt storms while moving. According to experts, the wind can transmit viruses over long distances. In this regard, the Ministry of Health recommended that citizens wear medical masks.

Recently Maria Neira, director of the Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health Department of the WHO, pointed out that the connection between dust and viruses is possible.

It must be added that as of August 28, not a single case of COVID-19 was registered in Turkmenistan.

29 авг 2020, 14:56
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