Brutal 30-year-old murder solved in Tajikistan

According to the preliminary report, the crime was organized by a resident of the Khatlon region. He is 72 years old now.

Law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan have opened a murder case that happened almost 30 years ago. Operatives detained the 72-year-old suspect and his accomplices, initiating a criminal case against them under article 104. It was reported to by the press office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan on August 11.

According to the officials, the main detainee is a resident of the Kizil-Kala rural community, Khuroson district, Khatlon region. In January 1993, he made a preliminary agreement with members of a criminal group he had created to kidnap two men. The hostages at that time were 50 and 59 years old. They lived in Dushanbe.

The criminals kept them in the car using a Kalashnikov rifle. Then they took the victims to the bank of the Vakhsh river of the F.Saidov rural community, Kushoniyon district. There, criminals started to shoot at the kidnapped citizens using a Makarov pistol. One immediately died, and the other man jumped into the water and swam along the stream.

Now an investigation against the main suspect and other accomplices of the crime is underway.

It must be added that on March 17, a new molecular genetic unit was put into operation at the forensic laboratory under the Ministry of Health. This device allows conduct mote accurate identification of the criminal (up to 99,9%) within the expanded study of his DNA.

12 авг 2020, 13:54
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