Turkmen scientists prove effectiveness of reusable masks

The researchers used domestic two-layer medical masks made of knitwear and heavy flannel.

As a result of various researches scientists from Turkmenistan have proven the effectiveness of reusable medical masks in protecting against various viruses. As part of the relevant tests, domestic two-layer masks made of knitwear and heavy flannel were used. It was reported by the «Neutral Turkmenistan» newspaper on July 23.

Specialists noted that the relevant reusable masks are quite beneficial for citizens. Now, the production of this personal protective equipment is widely established in the state.

Researches of the effectiveness of wearing such masks were conducted in the laboratories of the Center of Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan (AST). Scientists used samples made at the Textile Complex named after S.Turkmenbashi.

The members of AST underlined that the design of the medical product provides the necessary protection, corresponds to the anatomical features of the nasal region of the face, and doesn’t cause discomfort during its exploitation. As a result, the reusable masks were proven to meet the manufacturing requirements.

It must be added that on July 12, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan strongly recommended that all citizens wear medical masks. Officials of the state agency noted that it is necessary due to the increased content of dust in the air. According to local doctors, the use of masks reduces the risk of viral infections, especially in the current situation.

23 июл 2020, 15:36

Photo source: metbugat.gov.tm

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