MFA of Turkmenistan summarizes results of fight against coronavirus

The officials underlined that citizens of the country are regularly provided with medicines aimed at fortifying immune system.

Turkmen authorities continue to fight a novel coronavirus infection. In the frame of the process, the sanitary-epidemiological regime has been strengthened, and citizens are provided with free medicines to fortify immunity. Employees of the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan told about work carried out in the relevant direction on July 8. 

The department marked that the prevention of novel coronavirus in the country started from the first days of the spread of infection in the world. As part of it, a special government commission and operational headquarters were created to coordinate the activities of state bodies in the corresponding direction. 

The representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted that the first stage of the fight against coronavirus included strengthening border, customs, and migration regimes. In addition, phytosanitary and veterinary surveillance has been expanded. State authorities regularly provide the population with medicines that strengthen the immune system. A general medical examination program is also implemented in Turkmenistan, as noted at the Foreign Ministry. 

Moreover, the country is actively involved in the fight against coronavirus at the international level. So, in May 2020, at the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proposed the creation of an international council of medical scientists to consolidate efforts in the fight against the pandemic.

On May 22, the Turkmen government adopted a national plan to combat acute infectious diseases. Later, on July 3, at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet, a plan was approved to protect the socio-economic sphere of the country against the negative effects of the coronavirus. 

Turkmen scientists have found that dangerous viruses can be carried by air currents, marked the workers of the Foreign Ministry. In their opinion, air masses formed due to the drying of the Aral Sea are especially dangerous amid unstable epidemiological situation in the world. The ministry emphasized that the Turkmen authorities actively interact with international structures to solve the issue. 

It must be added that on July 6, the WHO mission arrived in Turkmenistan. International experts will analyze the epidemiological situation in the country for 10 days. At the moment, no cases of novel coronavirus infection are reported in the state.

08 июл 2020, 14:57
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