Expert analyzes realization of innovative programs in Turkmenistan

According to the head of the Union of Economists Yuri Aronsky, special importance in this direction will be paid to the development of science, education, and economy.

The Turkmen government is committed to the principles of the comprehensive development of all spheres of life in the state. Particular importance in this direction is attached to strengthening the innovative potential of the economy, science and education, said the head of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, Yuri Aronsky, during an interview for “Golos SNG” online-radio on June 18. 

The expert marked that Turkmenistan, along with other developed countries, uses science and education to expand the potential of the state and society. 

- During the first year of independence, the work of the state was focused on the formation of the national economy and governance mechanisms. Due to this fact science and education were not developed as they were supposed to. But in the last decade, the country has been actively developing the potential of these spheres, - noted Aronsky.

He highlighted that good examples of this process are the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan re-established in 2009, the transition to a 12-year system of education in schools started in 2013, the creation of a Technology Center with RES, and several large laboratories totaling 70 thousand square meters, opening of Oguz Khan Engineering and Technology University in 2016. 

- In 2017, a concept for the development of a digital education system was developed. To increase the competitiveness of the national economy the concept of development of the digital economy until 2025 was approved in 2018. The Law of Turkmenistan “On Innovative Activities” plays an important role in the implementation of innovative business programs, - emphasized expert. 

He also said that a new program was launched the other day to accelerate the integration of these regulatory documents. The main goal of the project is to find innovative ideas among startups with their further implementation in the field of economics.

- A new innovative program is realized by the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan with the support of international companies JA Worldwide and Palladium International LLC. In total, it is planned to attract 120 people, - said Aronsky. 

He added that all participants will be divided into teams and distributed among six Turkmen mentor business companies. Startups will get 4 months to develop innovative business projects. Two people from each company will become the finalists. Winners will have the opportunity to collaborate with successful investors and experts.

18 июн 2020, 16:08
Photo source: SNG.Today

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