WHO confirms absence of coronavirus in Turkmenistan

The statement was made by the head of the country office of the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization has officially confirmed the absence of coronavirus in Turkmenistan. The statement was made by the representative of the WHO residence in Ashgabat Paulina Karwowska during an interview for «RIA Novosti» on May 3.

She underlined that since the beginning of the spread of the virus in the world, the state has taken all necessary steps to prevent infection. Karwowska noted that the Turkmen government, together with the UN, has developed a preparedness and response plan for counteracting COVID-19 in case of the spread of the infection in the country.

The WHO representative also told about visiting infectious hospitals in Turkmenabat and Turkmenbashi. Karwowska said that she was able to have a private chat with the medical staff and people who were in quarantine. In her opinion, the relevant institutions have the necessary equipment, medical supplies, and medicines to combat coronavirus.

Karwowska noted that no cases of COVID-19 infection have been reported in Turkmenistan at this time. She highlighted that the WHO is guided by official data provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry.

It must be added that Turkmenistan is the only country in Central Asia where there is no coronavirus. According to the official data of the World Health Organization, today there are only 14 states in the world without COVID-19.

05 май 2020, 17:16
Photo source: tdh.gov.tm

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