Modern bus terminal in Samarkand covers 6 hectares

SXF Camping is building a modern large bus terminal on an area of 6 hectares in Samarkand. This transport hub will accommodate hundreds of buses, minibuses and taxis, reports.

The three-storey terminal building will house the waiting room, cash desks, catering outlets, as well as shops, a medical centre and an entertainment centre. Hotels and car parks, as well as maintenance facilities will be built near the bus station. It will employ about 1,000 people.

A representative of SXF Camping Shahrukh Rafiyev noted that building the bus terminal costs 135 billion soums. In the future, SXF Camping is going to build a network of bus terminals throughout the country. According to the initial estimates, there will be about 12 bus terminals. 

The bus terminal is expected to have a positive impact on traffic in Samarkand. Buses will move along intercity routes without entering the city to get to the terminal, which will reduce the traffic load and ease traffic jams in the city.

22 мар 2023, 13:16
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