Artificial intelligence to combat drug trafficking in Kazakhstan

The law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan are planning to use the artificial intelligence capabilities to combat illicit drug trafficking, the press office of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reports.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Akhmetzhanov made this statement at a government meeting on March 14. In recent years, the Internet –sites, telegram bots, social media has been increasingly used to sell illegal drugs. Though the Ministry of Internal Affairs has blocked access to over 600 such sites this year, new illegal drug distribution resources appear every day, and it takes time to detect them, as the organisers of this illegal business usually originate overseas.

To make the operation of drug-dealing networks as difficult as possible, powerful hardware and software are needed to track the emergence of new sites and illegal distribution of drugs over the Internet.

The artificial intelligence of the Cybernadzor system will block access to illegal drug dealing sites online and detect site users and organisers of such resources.

It is also planned to use drones to locate cannabis plantings from the air and gas analysers to find drug laboratories.

16 мар 2023, 09:14
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