Japarov attends opening ceremony of new children’s rehabilitation centre

President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov took part in the opening ceremony of the new Kelechek children’s rehabilitation centre in Bishkek. In his speech, the President focused on the importance of providing care for children with disabilities, the press office of the President of Kyrgyzstan reported to CentralAsia.news.

The building occupies an area of 508 square metres and is connected to the municipal electricity and water supply, sewerage and heating networks.

The Centre has the procedure and physiotherapy rooms and stuffed with modern equipment. It is designed to restore the physical and psychological health of the little citizens of the country.

Japarov stressed that children with disabilities should be fully integrated into social life. He noted that over 200,000 people with disabilities currently live in the Kyrgyz Republic. Among them, about 36,000 little Kyrgyz citizens should be provided with quality education, health services and social support.

02 янв 2023, 11:07
Photo source: president.kg

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