Rahmon attends meeting to honour national security employees

On December 28, Tajik leader Emomali Rahmon delivered a welcoming speech at the meeting marking the Day of National Security Agencies of Tajikistan. He wholeheartedly congratulated the staff of the State Committee for National Security on their professional holiday and wished them further success in their difficult work, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reported to CentralAsia.news.

«Today’s meeting with national security employees is taking place during the period of very difficult geopolitical relations, escalation of regional and global conflicts, expansion of the subversive activities of terrorist and extremist organisations and other types of organized transnational crime, which has become a factor posing a serious threat to the stability and peace around the world. Moreover, environmental and biological problems, cybercrime and cyberterrorism as new threats, as well as the spread of infectious diseases, climate change and their severe consequences negatively impact global security,» the President noted.

In this context, Rahmon noted that in such conditions, security agencies should be vigilant, continuously monitor and analyse ongoing processes and events in the region and the world, suppress attempts to undermine security of the state and society and take legitimate and prompt actions.

The President instructed the employees and military staff of the Committee and other law enforcement and military agencies to be on standby, act within their powers under the rule of law, combat all manifestations of terrorism and extremism, reactionary and fanatical ideas that hinder the development of society, defend with honour their homeland and ensure the safety of citizens.

30 дек 2022, 10:14
Photo source: president.tj

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