Kazakhstan sets strategic economic priorities for 2023

On December 28, Chairman of the Government of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov held an online expanded meeting with the staff of the Ministry of Economy and set the priority tasks for the coming year, the press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported.

The Chairman of the Government of Kazakhstan emphasised that the key area of activity of the Ministry of Economy is to build a coherent and effective economic policy. Smailov urged to remember about the rise in global economic uncertainty, which is caused by the global energy and food price crisis.

Noting with regret that the current external situation continues to affect the pace of development and growth of Kazakh economy, the Prime Minister emphasised that given these factors the important tasks will have to be implemented in 2023.

The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers instructed to focus efforts on filling the domestic market with local products, thoroughly monitoring and preventing inflation against the background of existing risks. Smailov set the task of taking further measures to revive investment interests in the country, develop the business sector and reduce the state share in the national economy.

30 дек 2022, 09:55
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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