Anti-Corruption Agency has brought back about 1 trillion tenge into state budget

On December 15, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev held a working meeting with Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Agency Olzhas Bektenov, who reported on the anti-corruption measures taken by the Agency for 11 months of the year, the press office of Akorda reported.

Since the beginning of the year, the Agency has brought back the property assets and funds of illicit origin totalling more than 600 billion tenge into the state budget. In the near future, the real estate, vehicles and money totalling more than 360 billion tenge will be brought back from abroad.

The returned funds will be used to build schools on the instructions of the President, the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Agency said.

Bektenov reported on the results of preventive reviews. External inspections have been completed in the spheres of transport, railway transportation, subsoil use, state defence orders, migration services and entrepreneurship. Based on these reviews, more than 2,000 proposals for reducing corruption risks have been developed.

Following the meeting, the President ordered that further effective measures to reduce corruption in the country be taken.

17 дек 2022, 09:13
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