ADB approves $50 million grant to strengthen Tajikistan’s financial sector

Tajikistan will receive a $50 million grant from the Asian Development Bank. The grant funds will be used to strengthen the resilience of Tajikistan’s banking sector and raise public confidence in the financial system, the press office of the ADB reported to

The Government intends to spend the grant funds on improving the reliability of banking services, expanding the non-banking financial sector and strengthening fiscal management.

It is planned to strengthen the deposit insurance framework for individuals, build up financial management capacity of the National Bank of Tajikistan and extend control over banking operations.

The grant will be provided as part of the second phase of the Financial Sector and Fiscal Management Improvement Programme that has helped introduce digital taxpayer tools, empower women through financial inclusion and encourage women’s entrepreneurship.

13 дек 2022, 16:10
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