Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Turkmenistan end

Turkmenistan hosted the Days of Culture of Tajikistan on November 23-25. A publicist Mikhail Stolonogov told about the specific features of the cultural action and the humanitarian interaction between the two nations from the historical point of view.

Interconnection of cultures of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan

Obviously, the priorities of bilateral partnerships include the humanitarian and cultural sphere. This is vividly evidenced by the regular participation of cultural workers and artists of the two countries in international events in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

The dialogue of cultures is a kind of tuning fork of modern interstate relations, because the history of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan is interconnected, the peoples of the two countries have lived side by side for centuries, have an ancient history and brilliant culture, have made and continue to make a huge contribution to human civilization.

Historical and cultural commonality of peoples

Turkmenistan-Tajikistan friendship has stood the test of time well; it is sealed by the very practice of constructive and fruitful interaction in difficult periods of formation and establishment of independence of the two countries.

The commonality of history, culture and spiritual values is an important factor contributing to bringing the fraternal peoples closer together, strengthening their mutual understanding and expanding creative contacts. The task of the two states is to promote and create conditions conducive to humanitarian contacts in the spirit of the times and the objective needs of people.

The high level of mutual understanding, effective long-term cooperation and similar positions on key issues of international and regional life allow us to talk about brilliant prospects for a constructive, fruitful Turkmenistan-Tajikistan dialogue.

Colours of the Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Turkmenistan

The programme of the cultural event included concerts and exhibitions of the works by contemporary artists, photographs, folk arts and crafts. It also included the film festival that tell about the age-old traditions and customs, the original art of the Tajik people and today’s achievements of independent Tajikistan.

This year’s cultural action gave cultural workers of the two friendly countries a splendid opportunity for the very useful and fruitful exchange of views on the enhancement of bilateral humanitarian contacts.

Cultural action as a symbol of the inviolability of friendship between the two peoples

The large-scale cultural event, initiated by the leaders of the two states Serdar Berdimuhamedov and Emomali Rahmon, turned into a celebration of friendship and creativity and made an important contribution to the Turkmenistan-Tajikistan dialogue based on the principles of mutual understanding, respect and trust.

The Days of Culture, which took place in Ashgabat and Mary on November 23-25, illustrated a rich ideological content, creative essence and high level of organisation. They once again showed the positive essence of the chosen and resolutely pursued course, which characterises the confident position of sovereign Turkmenistan as a recognized centre of peace, friendship, harmony and progress not only in the Central Asian region, but also throughout the world.

The Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Turkmenistan served as a powerful impetus to further exchange cultural and educational values, showing how close the peoples are, how strong their desire to promote friendship relations is.

28 ноя 2022, 12:57
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