Atyrau Refinery to reduce production by 50% due to repairs

One of the three largest oil refineries in Kazakhstan, the Atyrau Oil Refinery will suspend operations by half in the next two months (September-October) due to preventive maintenance. The enterprise will not completely shut down, the press office of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan reported.

Planned preventive maintenance will be conducted at the refinery during two autumn months, due to industrial safety regulations, inspection requirements for equipment and pipelines, electrical and automated process control tools and instrumentation.

The Atyrau Refinery has a two-channel oil refining function, which makes it possible to stop and launch the facilities in turn. This will help the enterprise maintain industrial dynamics at 50% production capacity.

Recently, the Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov has reviewed the current energy situation in the country and noted low supply of diesel fuel. He severely criticized the Ministry for the work done by and instructed that the Ministry secure fuel and lubricant supplies.

23 авг 2022, 09:27
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