Police officers caught illegally registering vehicles in Shymkent

On August 8, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Shugyla Turlybek informed about the detection of a criminal triangle who had profited from the forgery of vehicle registration certificates in Shymkent during a briefing for reporters, the Kazinform International News Agency. 

Before disclosing details, she noted that this case is an aspect of ongoing drastic measures aimed at detecting police officers who commit illegal acts from among law enforcement employees.

The special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted the investigative operations in Shymkent. They uncovered and supressed the “black registration scheme” of imported vehicles. The criminal group registered imported vehicles avoiding customs charges and other state duties. Two law enforcement officers were taken into custody.

The representative of the Ministry said the state suffered losses of more than 320 million tenge as a result of 53 fraud cases. The criminal group included the intermediaries from the Public Service Centre (PSC) and the notaries who concluded fictitious contracts, she added.

09 авг 2022, 07:56
Photo source: inform.kz

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