Kazakhstan to lay down rules for riding electric scooters by year end

On July 26, Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandos Murataliev spoke at a press briefing, informing that the amendments to the laws relating the rules for riding modern and popular gyro scooters will be developed and submitted to the legislature by the end of the year, the Vlast information resource reported.

Currently, the work is underway to compile tables and draft proposals and timetables for endorsement with the public and government agencies. This large-scale work is planned to be brought to its natural conclusion this year, Murataliev said.

He stated that the national standard approving the technical characteristics of these vehicles has come into force this month. It has become necessary to amend the Law On Road Traffic and add the relevant provisions to the traffic regulations and the Administrative Code.

The Deputy Chairman of the Administrative Police Committee said the amendments to the law will provide the juridical definition of a scooter driver and set forth his rights. A scooter driver is not required to have a driver’s license to drive a scooter. The law will set forth the age requirements, the requirement to equip the scooter with a headlight, as well as other requirements.

27 июл 2022, 10:21

Photo source: vlast.kz

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