Kyrgyz citizens have achieved herd immunity for COVID-19

On July 22, Head of the public health department of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic Anara Mambetisaeva said citizens of Kyrgyzstan have achieved the herd immunity for a new variant of the coronavirus in an interview with the Kabar State News Agency.

The representative of the Ministry of Health stressed that citizens should not forget that vaccination remains the crucial tool to protect against viruses.

She reported on the number of citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, noting that 70% of the population have received a first dose of the vaccine, 10% less have received a second dose and 35% have received a booster dose.

Mambetisaeva added that employees of hospitals, schools and government and municipal organisations account for the largest share of those vaccinated.

As was reported, the Task Force to Combat Coronavirus of Kyrgyzstan decided not to cancel the state of emergency in the Republic. Deputy Prime Minister Edil Baisalov said the people have to learn to live with this infection.

23 июл 2022, 12:05
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