Duma approves agreement on cooperation on pensions between Russia and Tajikistan

The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation approved an agreement on cooperation on pensions with the Republic of Tajikistan. The document applies to citizens of these countries and members of their families, the Duma TV channel reported.

The subject matter of the agreement is a funded pension and other payments from pension savings, social pensions (provided that citizens reside in the Russian Federation) and funeral support payments (paid by the contracting party on whose territory the funeral took place).

If the insured has moved to a third country for permanent residence, his pension will be paid by the contracting party of his choice either on the territory of the contracting party, or by wire.

The agreement is based on the proportional principle. In the Russian Federation, when deciding on the right to an old-age pension, the size of the individual pension coefficient is reckoned on the basis of the period of employment in Russia or the former Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

01 июл 2022, 10:49
Photo source: duma.gov.ru

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