Heads of health care institutions in Bishkek focus on problems facing health care

On May 15, the members of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic Vinera Raimbachayeva, Iskhak Masaliev and Elmurza Satybaldiev took part in a meeting with the heads of health care institutions in the capital. The parliamentarians were informed about the problems facing this sector, which have worsened markedly during the pandemic, the press office of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan reports.

Chairman of the Committee for Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction Baktybek Sydykov noted that the meeting was aimed at jointly identifying urgent problems in the health sector and discussing ways to solve them.

“The buildings are dilapidated, and equipment is outdated. Patients in critical condition are taken to our hospital from all over the country. Despite all the problems, our doctors are doing their best to provide quality medical care,” Chief Doctor of the National Hospital Toktobai Maanaev said.

Chairman of the Committee for Social Policy Dinara Ashimova noted that a number of laws for the health sector would soon be submitted to the Parliament for consideration.

She stressed that the meeting would contribute to improving the quality of the laws governing the health sector.

17 май 2022, 11:31
Photo source: ktrk.kg

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