Turkmenistan celebrates 77th anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War

On May 9, in honor of Victory Day, various festivities took place all over Turkmenistan. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War participated in the events. Victory Day lives inside the hearts of the citizens; it is a sacred holiday for the entire Turkmen nation. This year the country celebrates the 77th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is an important holiday for each citizen of the state.

On May 9, 1945, the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the Turkmen people defended the country and made it possible for us to live a peaceful life. The combat feat and heroism of the citizens of the country at the war in 1941-1945 is a great example of patriotism and selflessness. Thousands of residents of the TSSR showed stamina, loyalty to military duty, and devotion to their homeland. The holiday unites all generations of the people of Turkmenistan.

In those difficult years, soldiers and ordinary people were heroes. They saved the lives of front-line soldiers and contributed to the great victory. The heroic deeds of great people are forever inscribed in the history of Turkmenistan. Honoring veterans started long before May 9. Youth organizations, military institutions, humanitarian universities of Turkmenistan, and government agencies took part in the relevant events. They give veterans valuable gifts and arrange concerts and banquets for them.

By tradition, on May 7, honoring veterans and presenting valuable gifts on behalf of the president of the country took place at the Conference Palace in Ashgabat. Veterans took part in the events dedicated to Victory Day, reported a correspondent of the CentralAsia.news online media.

Alexandrov Dmitry Alexandrovich at the age of 17 went to serve in the 11th tank battalion (in 1944), and in 1945 he continued to fight the enemy in Germany. The veteran noted that the great victory was possible thanks to the unity of all fraternal peoples who fought together on all fronts. He noted that Turkmenistan has become his second homeland and that all the defenders feel the support and care of the state.

Pryanichnikova Antonina Pavlovna faced the war when she was a teenager and lived in Stalingrad. She worked on the railway with the adults, rescued the wounded people, and put out fires after the bombing. At that time, in Stalingrad, every house was fighting, said the veteran. When the city was liberated, trains arrived in the city. One of the men who came by the train became her husband. He was from Mary, so she moved there with him. Now Antonina Pavlovna lives in Turkmenistan and the country is her second home.

Mamedova Galina Alekseyevna, a former resident of besieged Leningrad, spent her childhood there when the Wehrmacht besieged the city. The inhabitants were starving, receiving 125 grams of bread a day — these are two matchboxes. Being cold, hungry people of Leningrad did not give up, they worked in factories. Old men, women, and children defended the city. After the war, she met a Turkmen student at the Repin Art Institute and married him. Today the veteran lives in Turkmenistan, which also became her second home.

The purpose of the festivities is to remember the feat and heroism of the people during the Great Patriotic War and tell about it to the future generations. It is very important for us, the current generation, not to forget and pass on to our descendants the entire history of the Great Patriotic War. The younger generation has to know the truth about the war, about its heroes and their heroism, about the pain and deprivation of the selfless inhabitants of our country, who had been through a lot, were brave, kind and loved their motherland.

The task of the younger generation is to remember the feat of the people, their unity and solidarity, diligence and devotion, and incredible love for the motherland, that let us live a peaceful life. Victory Day is a holiday that unites all generations. We remember our history and are proud of it! We honor the memory of many millions of heroes, whose names are known or unknown. They gave us the main thing — peace, freedom, and the opportunity to work, and raise children.

We are immensely grateful to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, and everyone who brought victory closer, for their courage and heroism! It is our duty to take care of participants of the Great Patriotic War, widows and children of the Second World War, and home front workers both on holidays and weekdays.

We all need to be worthy of the feat of our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers, to carefully remember our heroes. Long live veterans! Eternal glory for those who are no longer with us. Happy Victory Day!

10 май 2022, 07:39

Photo source: turkmenportal.com

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