Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to continue cooperation in addressing Aral Sea problems

A delegation of the Senate of Uzbekistan, headed by First Deputy Chairman of the Senate Sodik Safoev, visited Kyzyl-Orda region of Kazakhstan, where they took part in the 2nd meeting of the Commission for Cooperation between the Senate of the Oliy Majlis and the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Dunyo News Agency reported.

The Uzbek delegation learned about measures taken to develop the water and forest sectors and reduce water scarcity in the region and visited the Kukorol dam and the Aral SeeFood fish processing plant in Aral Region.

On the second day of their visit to Kazakhstan, the delegation of the Senate of Uzbekistan took part in a meeting of the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan Commission for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation, which brought together representatives of a number of ministries and departments of Kazakhstan, the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, the UN and the World Health Organization.

The meeting focused on aspects of environmental cooperation and joint efforts to revive the Aral Sea and address environmental problems of the Aral Sea regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The participants agreed to continue joint research activities and include the Aral Sea problem in the global environmental agenda.

The Commission will hold its next meeting in Uzbekistan at the end of the year.

26 апр 2022, 10:53
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