Tokayev stands for people’s ownership of land and land resources

On April 22, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev highlighted the need to address the issues of crucial importance to the society and state relating to the ownership of land and land resources during a meeting on amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic, the press office of the President of Kazakhstan reported.

The Kazakh leader noted that the entrenching of the provision to the Basic Law that the people shall own land and natural resources of the country will be of tremendous political significance and prevent unnecessary discrepancies in the future.

The President proposed to amend Article 6 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan as follows: “The land and its subsoil, water, flora and fauna, and other natural resources shall be owned by the people. The state shall exercise the ownership right on behalf of the people.

The President thanked the constitutional working group and informed that he would immediately submit the draft law on amendments to the Constitution to the Constitutional Council. He noted that the “new word” in the Basic Law of the State would open a new chapter in the history of the country.

25 апр 2022, 11:11
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