Tajik schoolboy makes quadricycle for disabled people

15-year-old citizen of Tajikistan Mahmudjon Rizoev made a quadricycle for disabled people. The schoolboy said he made this vehicle because he wanted to make a useful contribution to society, the Internet portal MIR 24 reported on April 10.

The quadricycle uses solar panels and generators, thus causing no harm to the environment. The battery charge is enough to power the vehicle for long distances, the young citizen Tajik noted. It took the boy 90 days to make the quadricycle.

Mahmudjon plans to make another device that would help light up large areas, namely houses located high in the mountains. The schoolboy said he would present this device at the City Olympiad.

He noted that he was going to present his inventions to the world in the future and was planning how he would do this. The young citizen of the Republic has begun to learn English. The other goals of the boy is to study architecture at a university in the United States.

12 апр 2022, 11:12

Photo source: mir24.tv

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