Uzbek senators discuss measures to combat corruption

A regular meeting of the National Anti-Corruption Council was attended by members of the National and territorial Anti-Corruption Councils, heads of a number of ministries and departments and journalists, the press office of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis reported.

The results of anti-corruption measures implemented under the New Uzbekistan Development Strategy were presented at the meeting.

The country is taking legislative and awareness raising measures to prevent corruption. The regulatory and legal acts are based on the principle of “legislation without corruption”; they aim to reduce the incidence of corruption and reduce the human factor. Information technologies are being introduced to combat corruption.

These measures have resulted in improving the detection of corruption offenses. Since 2020, the number of those brought to justice has tripled, and material damage caused to the state is recovered on a regular basis.

The areas which are most prone to corruption are education, healthcare, construction and banking.

Discussing the progress of the implementation of the State Anti-Corruption Programme for 2021-2022 and anti-corruption measures in the public procurement and healthcare sectors, the participants emphasised that the regulatory and legal acts in the above-mentioned areas have a large number of factors leading to corruption.

Following the meeting, the National Council took decisions and identified specific steps to implement the Area without Corruption project in a number of sectors.

11 апр 2022, 08:07
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