President Mirziyoyev expresses dissatisfaction with quality of school education

On April 5, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting via videoconference on the improvement of the quality of school education and professional skills of schoolteachers, the press office of the President of Uzbekistan reported.

The President presented the results of inspections carried out at secondary schools in all the regions of the country. More than 850 schools have the low level of knowledge of schoolchildren and professional skills of schoolteachers, particularly in remote regions.

Schools are becoming computerised slowly, and many classes contain more than statutory maximum of children.

The khokims of districts with the lowest level of school education received a warning.

A set of measures will be adopted to improve the quality of school education in Uzbekistan. They will be implemented through the teacher professional development project using the advanced methods, for which National Training Centres will be set up at the centres of excellence throughout the country. The trainers of these centres will receive 100 percent salary supplements.

It is planned to allocate up to $100 million for the implementation of the teacher professional development project.

A. Avloni Institute will be reorganised into the Republican National Education Centre and merged with Tashkent State Pedagogy University. The University will be affiliated with the Ministry of Public Education and serve as the main educational institution that focuses on continuing professional development for teachers.

Computers will be placed in the classrooms, and it is proposed to provide preferential tariffs and increase an Internet speed to 100 Mbps, which will ensure fast and stable internet connection for schools.

More than 190 educational institutions will receive the status of a school with in-depth study of the exact and natural sciences.

07 апр 2022, 11:34
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