Kazakhstan to limit grain and flour exports

On April 4, Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Yerbol Karashukeev informed that the Ministry is working on a mechanism focused on limiting grain and flour exports during the press conference, the Vlast information portal reported.

The Minister said the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture are keeping under control the situation associated with the introduction by Russia of a temporary ban on grain and flour exports. Karashukeev reassured that the balance between grain supply and demand in the country is currently positive, and it will remain so, which means that the domestic consumer basket will be fully provided with grain.

The Minister explained that according to operational information, grain prices are projected to rise globally, so there are some inconsistencies between flour processors and grain producers. He noted that exporters are still waiting for grain prices to rise and do not want to sell grain in Kazakhstan.

Grain exports are going to be limited, as a certain quantity of grain must be supplied to the domestic market, Karashukeev emphasised.

05 апр 2022, 11:02

Photo source: tengrinews.kz

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